Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cristal Salt Lamp

Cristal Salt Lamp
Natural Salt Lamps are well known through out Europe and Asia. As natural negative ion generators through these lamps can help create a cleaner fresher quality to the air, reducing air born pollution, smoke and dust. Beside air ionization and negative ions production, Salt Lamp illuminated by a light bulb or a candle inside a key light candle holder, also produce a beautiful, pleasant to the eyes mind and sole, natural Glow of different colors and shades from orange to yellow and pink to apricot. This Light Color Glow and Ionized, Clean Fresh Air creates special atmosphere of calming meditative balance, tranquility peace and well being for humans.

Ionization by Salt Lamps

Even though these are not “medical device”, Salt Crystal Lamps effectively and naturally improve the quality of air by neutralizing the effect of positive ions emitted by indoor and outdoor electrical and electronic device, though its negative ions are the “Vitamins of the Air”. Negative ions can be found in nature concentrated in the air by billions; on mountain tops, after thunder storm, near water falls, forest and the sea side. Negative ions give the air its invigorating freshness, airborne bacteria free, which is so beneficial for humans.


Continental Europeans and Asians have been aware of health benefits of salt for generations. People suffering from chronic congestive problems spend a few hours at clinics located in salt mines as treatment. This treatment is known as speleotherapy. Speleotherapy Sanatoriums located in European countries: UkrainePolandCzechoslovakiaArmenia, and Asian countries serve as natural health alternative for respiratory conditions, immune system dysfunction and illnesses.


Ø      Purifies the Air
Ø      Aids in controlling allergies and asthma
Ø      Reduces the of pollution created by indoor electrical devices
Ø      Beautifies a room
Ø      Elevates your mood
Ø      Promotes concentration
Ø      Detoxifies
Ø      Promotes relaxation
Ø      Provides a health giving night light
Ø      Ease upper respiratory problems


Ø      Next to your bed
Ø      At the office
Ø      While relaxing in the bath
Ø      Next to your computer or TV
Ø      During massage or medication
Ø      In the study
Ø      In smoky or dusty areas
Ø      As a conversation piece while entertaining
Ø      In children’s bedrooms.
Ø      Anywhere you would like to improve the quality of air.
Ø      Anywhere else you would like to decorate with a soothing, warm and attractive lamp.
Ø      Add beauty and romance to your candle light dinner with salt candle holders.


Since salt lamps are hygroscopic, it attracts moisture. To avoid moisture keep the bulb on for maximum time. Lamp should be turned off before changing the bulb or cleaning. Clean with dry cotton cloth. Wrap in air tight plastic when not in use for long time.