Monday, October 10, 2011


Sonnensegel are designed to provide complete protection outdoor sun's harmful rays. These shade sails are a convenient solution for providing shade and protection from UV rays of the sun for you and your family. These are more widely used in Australia, which offers around 90% UV protection. In addition to providing protection, Sonnensegel are great to look at, with its bright colors and architectural style that adds to its beauty and distinctive character of the exterior configuration. With minimal maintenance, which are also easy to clean and maintain.

Sonnensegel or shade sails today are usually made of knitted elastic that are intrinsic to them. The knitted fabric also allows the candles and make breathing air flow easily through them. This means you get a cooler area and not below the building heat there.

You will receive shade sails in different shapes, sizes and colors. Of triangular polygons, in bright colors and soft, big and small, easy to come cane with a Sonnensegel according to their need and choice.

To install these Sonnensegel, will make use of the pulley system fixed stainless steel in all corners of the sail. These pulleys or tensioners are known for offering the best way to apply the sail tension. Most people find the pulley system more practical, since it is easy to use. The Sonnensegel can be mounted and then placed in just a couple of minutes.

Sonnensegel today are made from synthetic fibers that are made with special attributes of the UV radiation suppressed. These not only provide better protection, but are also more durable. This material is easily extensible and maintainable. Shade sails high quality are able to resist mold and mildew as well. They are affected by high temperatures and can be used in all weather conditions. The fabric is specially designed to withstand up to an enormous strain on their mount points. Therefore, you will not see fallen or leaning. The stands are so positioned to provide just the right pressure and balance a larger area tolerable. Will not collect water or debris, as they are designed for drainage.

Sonnensegel quality can tolerate all weather conditions, except of course the most extreme, such as hurricanes. And certainly not cheap. Therefore, if you really want a high quality Sonnensegel not too much stress on your budget.