Monday, October 10, 2011

Garage Door

The garage door - steel v `s Wood

Garage door manufacturers are capable of producing a wide variety of doors in different materials. The most popular choices are made of steel or wood. There are pros and cons for both options. With regular maintenance both types of doors can last for decades.


Steel garage doors are most domestic properties due to a much lower purchase price, various designs, colors and feature a number of suppliers to choose from. Steel doors are much easier to maintain, more often than not published with a 10 year warranty on the finish of the door.
If you want a door that looks like wood, then there is a wide range of rolling steel doors available quality. In comparison, steel garage doors are much lighter than solid wood, but if you hit it enough dent more easily than a wooden garage door. This door service is required annually to ensure that it is good working conditions, especially if electrically driven.

Common types are steel door or doors garage roller doors and more. Both are very easy to install and maintain. The roller door fits perfectly inside the garage and opens vertically which requires no frame. The up and kicking on the door to the outside before opening the rise. This requires a door frame.


The timber is then the next choice of material for a garage door. The main difference is the cost of purchase. Often, from softwood to keep costs to a minimum, although available in wood, this type of door should be maintained to ensure that the garage door does not deteriorate. Vendors often sell the base of the door covered with a clear standard premium, so you can paint the door of your choice. Talk to your garage door supplier discount recommended for paints or stains as it could void the finish warranty doors not using a recommended brand. Alternatively, the manufacturer could make the finish of the door for you.

A wooden door offers more options in the final design is a much stronger material to withstand any shock, provide more insulation value compared to steel and can give much more attractive sidewalk.
The windows can be easily added to this type of door for an additional fee, which may have a door to customize to your liking and be a little different from its neighbors.

Garage Wooden doors are much heavier than steel doors and require a frame to associate. This will reduce your disk through the opening width.

Comparing between these types of security doors, wooden garage door wins. In fact, it is heavier, thicker and more robust. It provides more privacy than a steel door could only. If you need a door that is safer, then they are more resistant steel door available.

In general steel options are cheaper, easier to install and maintain. A wooden garage door is stronger with more design options available.
Additional security features can be added to any door and can be a manual or electric operation.