Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Art Glass

Art Glass As A Decor Solution Offers Clarity
While art glass may not be entirely appropriate for the nursery it would seem there is not other room in the house where it doesn’t belong. As home décor accents, from the dining room where platters, dishware, lighting and other decorative pieces would never be out of place, to the kitchen where the recent trend is towards art glass handles to the living room and out of doors, art glass is visually stunning and always a testament to the artisans and craftsman whose minds envision and create it.

From beautifully crafted wall sconces to sculpture and tiles for the floor or backsplash, to complex and sophisticated chandelier art glass conveys a sense of style and luxury that is almost unparalleled any where else in the home. The simple addition of art glass into a room’s décor or design theme opens up a world of choices around which to decorate, picking up on hues that may well vary in different natural and ambient light settings.

Among the most effective of home decor accessories at pulling and focusing the eye, art glass is nothing if not accessible, offering something for any budget or décor style. And you need not travel to Murano to find the perfect piece. Around the corner or around the world, art glass is becoming more and more accessible to the ordinary masses with global influences introducing new style, patterns and colors offering, quite literally, a world of opportunity. Whether a handblown objet intended strictly for its decorative value or a statuesque vase resplendent in flowers from the tropics, art glass has a place in any home. And should be in every home.