Friday, August 5, 2011

Art Deco Style

Experimenting with Art Deco Style
Nowadays art deco style become popular, thanks to Hollywood films that depicted in the display glamorous, luxurious, dramatic, and optimistic. 

How is it layout?
Display impressed art deco design is clean, with a lean flow line is inspired by scientific knowledge of aerodynamics or knowledge about air force balance is generally adapted ships, story building, or a train. The decoration is also affected the art of making a cube or of cubism and other arts. Contains elements of art deco eclectic, combining classic elements with contemporary. Blending exotic materials with cultural objects from Egypt, the Maya or the Aztecs who came from the Far East and Africa. Something that makes these styles can be integrated is the use of simple shapes, geometric, and abstract combined with contrasting colors to create a display that looks simple, the style, but smooth.

Interior design in the era of the 1920s and 1930s with materials that do not usually like ebony wood, iron, marble, or marble. They often combine materials with colors and patterns and black or metallic gray to be seen in contrast with the pastel colors that “crunchy” and the color blue.

The main color is pale background of the room makes a more subtle when combined with bright colors and accents that memorable theatrical. The walls were a soft cream, beige, ivory, and gray. As for the details given chrome accents, cobalt blue, black, teal, aqua blue, green, yellow, coral, orange, or red to create a dramatic contrast. In ancient times, art deco accessories are not made in bulk, but is based on a request by using wood species. Layers are rare and expensive, making the design become visible only suitable for rich people.

Some kind of new plastics such as Bakelite, Lucite, and made catalyn mass became a favorite material in the 1930s. This material replaces the previous material and more affordable for most people. There used to be a kind of varnish is very popular and used on any surface equipment and even art deco used on the surface of leather and textiles. Other materials are also popular, but very rarely is a shark skin, snake skin, wrought iron, and steel with a chrome plate.

Furniture used in art deco room is usually lower and slightly touching the ground. Meanwhile, the materials for the sofa fabric, tablecloths, or curtain has keywords: luxurious and sensual, such as silk, satin, velvet, and high quality leather materials. These materials are usually sewn with a neat and neutral color to balance the design of accessory colors other more prominent.

The pattern of fabric may vary from Egyptian motifs such as the scarab (a kind of beetle amulets with symbols), and the sun to the lotus flower motifs chevron, zigzag, and animal skin motifs.
Art deco appearance is usually quite slender. Wooden floor with a pale color is perfect, so did the carpet with bright shades of beige and taupe. Marble floor with colors and bold patterns are also very good to apply.

For accessories, this is an important point of art deco style. Many and striking. Accessories that can be chosen to appear colorful and bold, or shiny and smooth. Clay vase in the form of angle-angle, and drink pitchers and bowls painted with bold colors often seen in this design space. Also something that is quite popular is the use of similar items made of glass or Lalique crystal pressed glass or opaque glass wall that is formed in such a way into other forms of artistic.