Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bath Chunks

Himalayan salt is the king of bath salts, at least in terms of effectiveness, age, purity, and crystal structure. Typical sea salt is devoid of much energetic or usable mineral content because it is harvested, processed, and chemically changed by the time it reaches the consumer due to polluted sources. We do not add scents, colors, or anything else to our mined Himalayan salt bath products.

Our Himalayan bath salts are made from several colors, including red, orange, pink, white, quartz (halite), and gray. Our standard "pink" bath salt is actually a proprietary mixture of those first four. Our grind sizes range from 2-5mm generally, though we have larger size pieces and chunks available.

Our retail bath salt orders are packaged in colored organza bags. The amount of salt needed for a sufficient salt bath varies; however, we recommend a minimum of one half pound; up to full salt to water saturation which is 3.5 - 4 lbs dissolved in the average bathtub.